Andrew Connectors and Cable

    I carry a complete line of andrew cable and connectors. Some of   is new and some is from trhe surplus market. My stock rotates weekly so check back here often for something you might need or want. I f you are looking for a particular item , please feel free to E-MAIL me at:

                                            e-mail   WA8WZG@WA8WZG.NET

    Cables  in stock:  1-5/8 " LDF7-50A up to 300' lengths

                                1-1/4 " LDF6-50a up to 250' lengths

                                  7/8 "  LDF5-50A   up to 200' lengths

                                   1/2"   LDF4-50B   up to 100' lengths

                                    1/2" superflex up to  500'  lengths

                                    1/4 "and 3/8 "asst. lengths to 50'

  I also have a large selection of  1/2 " superflex

  Jumpers with male to male "N" connectors on them.

  These are good for jumpers around relays , switchboxes.

  Rotators, and any place a tight bending radius is needed.

  This cable is capable of handling 1.5 kw thru 432 and up

  1kw intermittent service at 1ghz.  Its high frequency

   cutoff is around 14 ghz.

  Also, I have an excellent selection of 1/2 inch ldf-4 foam

  hardline that is great for phasing lines or LOW loss

  jumpers around the shack. I can custom cut any cable to

  length and can TDR it if you want matched cables for an


    Connectors: I have in stock a good selection of

     1/2" ldf  and 1/2" superflex male and female type"N"

      7/8" ldf5  male and female type "N"

     1-1/4 ldf6  female type "N"

     1-5/8 ldf7  female type  "N"

     Also some asst. AIR and OLDER SPIRAL TYPE

     At present I have some 7/16 DIN type "spinner " for 1/2

      7/8 and 1-5/8

   Waveguide: I have some EW-52( 6ghz) lengths to

   125' plus some wave guide connectors for the same and

   some EW-63 which works on 6 and 10 ghz  plus

   connectors for the same. 

        ucicon.gif (3368 bytes) Dish Antennas  I have a good selection of

  3 foot spun aluminum and 2 foot spun aluminum, plus I

   the chaparral feeds for 10 ghz that N1BWT describes in

    his article!!! 



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