Prices shown do not include shipping. I can ship via USPS, surface or air or by UPS, brown, blue or red. I can ship overseas via surface or air. I can ship via  truck freight on items over 125 lbs or  to large for other carriers.

            The preferred method of payment in US territories is PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, Bank or personal check. If you are ordering from outside the US, then a BANK DRAFT in US funds is needed or  I can arrange wire transfer in US funds from your bank to mine.

        All funds should be mailed to:

Tom Whitted
20440 East Feldspar Lane

Black Canyon City, Arizona 85324

        If you need further information you can contact me at my business, Coastalwave Internet 419-732-6427   phone  or by email WA8WZG@WA8WZG.NET    

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