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B F the B contest crew Jan. Vhf SS            WA8WZG  QTH EN81om          W5LUA  WA8WZG, N2CEI, WA8RJF                                                            Not pictured W5ZN, Sandra, and Jody


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N2CEI( 222) and W5LUA ( 50)        WA8WZG( 432&up) / WA8RJF( 144)                                   W5ZN 222/6 mtr OP           joel222 (1).GIF (264140 bytes)              wpe34494.gif (26855 bytes)             WA8WZG station (1).GIF (209362 bytes) 

                             WA8WZG Antenna Farm Jan 99'     

The Wa8WZG Contest Crew, Better known as the BF the B boys consisted of WA8WZG,

N2CEI, WA8RJF, W5LUA , W5ZN, Sandra (CT and Computer support) and Jody ( logistics

and support). The crew ran up an Impressive score of 790K plus ( which when verified via ARRL)

will be a new ALL time Jan SS multi-op record. The station consisted of Legal Limit power on

50 mhz. ,144mhz.,222mhz.,and 432mhz. The power on 903 was 300 watts , 1296 was 200 watts,

2304 was 50 watts, 3.4 mhz. was 25 watts, 5.7 ghz. was 45 watts, 10 ghz. was 6 watts and 24 ghz was 5mw.

The antennas consisted of 4x4 at 110 ft.on 6mtrs., 2x18xx m2 at 100ft. on 144mhz.,4x16 at 90ft. on 222 mhz., 4x 25 at 110ft on 432 mhz., 2x45 at 118ft.on 903mhz.,2x55 at 123ft.on 1296 mhz., 76 ele.BLOW TORCH at 128 ft. on 2304 mhz., 4ft. dish at 95 ft.on 3.4 and 5.7 ghz. and 3ft. disk at 95ft.on 10 ghz. The 24ghz station was a portable setup on a 3 ft. tripod.

The EME station consisted of a 5 mtr. dish with 250 watts on 1296 and 80 watts on 2304.

    The WA8WZG crew would like to thank all the Stations who worked us and WA8WZG would like to thank his wife Jody plus his good friends, Steve N2CEI, Tony Wa8RJF, Al W5LUA, Joel W5ZN, and Sandra  for all their help and dedication in putting this operation together!!!!

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